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Tiens Blood Circulatory Massager

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Tiens Blood Circulatory Massager

Tiens blood circulatory massager

  • he Blood Circulative Massager, with magic helical healthcare regimen as base principle, is designed to massage the feet’s reflex area to obtain the effect of enhancing health.


  • This product has integrated many theories through its unique design and modern technology, such as meridian science of TCM, human engineering, biomagnetics, bioholography, qigong regimen, acupuncture and moxibustion as well as health preservation.


  • This machine is provided with feet massage function. The mini-massage plate can make you feel comfortable both in sitting or standing position. The single speed high frequency vibration is easy for use. 

Efficacy of the product:

  • Regulates the meridians, smoothens Qi(energy) and blood, supplys oxygen, dispels toxin and prolongs life
  • Cleans blood vessel to facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism
  • Strengthens visceral function; and improves digestive and absorption function
  • Activates cell and improves immunity
  • Enhances the balance of internal secretion by stimulating and massaging the points
  • Regulating blood microcirculation can take the effects of facial beautification and health caring.
  • Over weight
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Arthritis, Low Backache
  • Sciatica, stiff joints and muscles
  • Beauty-skin problems
  • Frozen shoulder, fatigue, numbness & many more

Advantages of the product: 

  1. Qi is the commander of blood and blood is the mother of Qi; Qi in motion can render blood circulating normally and blood stasis is due to stagnation of Qi
  2. The Blood Circulative Massager applies clockwise high frequency helical rotation as principle, combining feet meridian reflex therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and health regime to circulate Qi and blood from lower to upper.
  3. The energy obtained by using 15 minutes each day is equivalent with that of exercising for 2 hours. Complete physical vibration can make you to obtain the effect of movement under the condition of no movement.


Rule of use

  • Drink a glass of warm water before using this machine.
  • Keep machine stable and horizontal.
  • Sit on a raised object & gently place your feet on the contact plate. Apply pressure on the knees to press all the reflex points.
  • Temporarily switch off the power. Wait for the user to stand firm (with support) first by bending the knees slightly & after some time when the user is comfortable he/she can stand straight.
  • BCM can be used in various other postures depending upon the requirement

Not to be used

It is not suitable to use this product under following conditions or use it under the direction of doctor:


  • Any hemorrhages
  • Women in menstrual period or pregnancy
  • Tuberculosis at active stage
  • Unstable acute myocardial infarction; rheumatic heart disease; myocardial
  • Hypertrophy
  • Congenital heart disease and aortoarteritis
  • Severe heart failure, hepatic failure, pulmonary functional failure, renal failure and other severe diseases
  • Individuals with surgical conditions (for example: acute abdomen, aneurysm, deep venous thrombus, untreated fracture, and mass with unclear reasons)
  • Acute poisoning and infectious diseases
  • For patients with chronic diseases, don’t stop drug without authorization


  1. After continuously using the machine for 30 minutes, at least a ten minutes rest will prolong the machines life span.
  2. After usage, please turn the power off and cover up the machine to prevent dust.
  3. It is advisable to keep the machine away from water strictly. When using the machine, keep the surroundings clean and dust free to prevent various substances being sucked into the machine and damage the rotation.