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Tiens Chitosan Capsules


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Tiens Chitosan Capsules


Tiens Chitosan Capsules has 100 Capsules
Each capsule contains:
* Chitoson (powder) 350mg
* As a food supplement

Take 2 capsule, 2 times daily
Keep out of reach of children.
Keep in a cool dry place

What is Chitosan?
* A type of fibre food found in crustacean such as prawns and crabs
* Main constituent is Chitin.
* Can help to reduce the cholesterol level, prevents the hardening of artery, strengthens the function of kidney.
* Prevents heart diseases and eliminates heavy metal found within the body.
* Contains 85% acid deacelyl.

The Function of Chitosan:
* Suitable for children of all ages, and middle aged and elderly.
* Capable of revitalizing cells function, relieving fatigue and helps slow down aging.
* Helps to enhance the body immunity, slow down aging, prevents diseases, speeds up recuperating processes and regulates our body’s physiological function.
* Its amino acid content allows it to regulate the normal functions for our body systems.

Reducing blood lipid:
* Inhibits the digestion and assimilation of lipid, absorbs and eliminates cholesterol, promotes the conversion of cholesterol, help prevents cardiovascular disease.

Reducing blood pressure:
* Reduces the quantity of cholesterol and triglicerida.
* Consists of high density of lipoprotein which can be combine with chlorine ion, the main cause of high blood pressure and to eliminate it out of the body.
* Helps to prevent all diseases that arises from high blood pressure.

Strengthening the liver:
* Chitin polysaccharide is able to absorb toxins from our body.

Reducing blood glucose level:
* Chitin polysaccharide increases the pH value of body, increase the secretion and usage of insulin, reduces blood glucose level of diabetics.

The therapeutic effects of Chitosan capsule:
* Helps to reduce harmful cholesterol, prevent it from accumulating within the blood vessels, causing hinder to blood flow within the body.
* Helps to increase the production of good cholesterol within the liver.

Preventing High Blood Pressure due to excessive salt intake:
* A rich source for fibre and is derived from the crust of crab.
* Absorbs fat and sugar.
* Possesses positive ions and can be combined with the excess chloride found within the salt and eliminates them from the body.
* Helps to maintain blood pressure at normal level

Absorbing heavy metal and helping excretion:
* Absorbs and eliminates heavy metal from the * body with its positive ions.
* Reduces the accumulation of heavy metal within the body and helps maintain a balanced electrolyte within the body for good health.

Improving digestive function:
* Enhances the antibacterial ability of the friendly bacteria, increase the population of such bacteria within the liver.
* Improves digestive functions and assimilation of nutrient by the body, restores the function of liver.