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Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder


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Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder


Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder has 10 sachets x 10 g in container

All natural ingredients, contains biological enzymolysis bone calcium powder produced by biotechnology techniques and enzymes. Rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, higher bioavailability.

One sachet (10g) of product contains more than 400 mg of enzymolysis bone calcium powder. Calcium structure exists in the form of aminoacid and passes easily through the cell membrane in our intestine without causing any irritation.

The product contains 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus in accordance with international standards, high absorbability of 95%.

Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder Benefits

  • Natural, free of preservatives, and has a mild and pure taste.
  • Significant regulating effects on vital life functions.
  • Improve bone density.
  • Contains oligosaccharide, which can stimulate the multiplication of bifidobacteria in intestinal tract, maintain the normal functions of intestinal tract, and enhance immunity.

This easily absorbed calcium supplement has been formulated to meet individuals’ recommended daily allowance. The main ingredient is the backbone of the ox. Nutrient Super Calcium powder contains zomoliic bone calcium powder processed from fresh ox bone with bioengineering technology. It contains oligosaccharide, defatted milk, multivitamin and multimineral.

It is rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. It contains pure ingredients without any preservatives. It is perfect calcium for the body.

The reasonable ratio between calcium and phosphorus allows for easy absorbsion by human body. Very appropriate for problems of calcium deficiency, 200 diseases are caused by calcium deficiency. Half of all women over age 45 and 90% of those over 75% suffer the effect of osteoporosis.
All cells in the body need calcium and must borrow it from our skeleton if our calcium intake is inadequate. Recommended dietary allowance for women and men (19-24years) is 200 mg/day, and for men and women (25years and older) it is 800 mg/day.

Who is Tiens Nutrient High Calcium Powder suitable for?

  • Pre and post menopausal woman with decreased level of estrogen
  • Mature men and women concerned about possible osteoporosis.


  • One sachet 1-2 times daily. Mix with 60-70 °C warm water, or together with other food.