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Tiens Spirulina Capsules


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Tiens Spirulina Capsules


Tiens Spirulina Capsules has 100 Capsules inside the container
Each capsule contains:
* Spirulina Platensis 300mg

Traditionally used as food supplement.

6 Capsules, 3 times daily
Keep out of reach from children
Keep in a cool, dry place.

Spirulina 300mg Capsule:
* Also known as blue algae, derived from its spiral shaped seasweed.

Nutritional content of Spirulina:
* Highest level of protein, about 60% – 70%, if compared to meal and vegetables.
* Protein is of superior quality, low in fat and easily assimilated by the body.
* Rich in vitamins.
* Contains almost all the essential vitamins except Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 but contains the best Beta Carotene.
* Abundant potassium, sodium, calcium and other alkaline elements.
* Best alkaline food.
* Contains linolenic acid which is seldom found in other natural food, highly effective in enhancing physiological function.
* Chlorophyll content is 10 times higher than vegetables.
* Regulates body metabolism, cleans the blood, enhances the body capability in fighting against oxygen deficiency, radiation
and others.
* Contains more than 10 types of minor elements which are essential for the body such as iron, Magnesium, Sulphur, Calcium and others.
* Contains special natural coloring substances such as Phycocyanin and Polysaccharide Phycocyanin.
* Helps to clean the blood, replenish blood supply, overcomes anemia and constipation, promotes healing of wound,
regulates body metabolism, detoxification and restore kidney function.
* Contains glycogen, capable of generating energy for the body rapidily without causing additional burden to pancreas and
result in low blood glucose level.
* Highly effective in fighting against radiation, fatigue and strengthen the body immunity.

Spirulina major functions:
* Helps to regulate the normal body function, promotes body metabolism, strengthen the body immunity, improves general
health and enables the body fight against diseases.
* Prevents and relieves diseases related to digestive disorder such as gastric problem, poor digestion, high blood pressure,
diabetes, liver ailment, anemia, obesity, malnutrition in children.

The therapeutic effects of Spirulina :
* Formulated with natural, pure and quality Spirulina.
* Contains 18 essential amino acid required by our body and various
Vitamins, Beta Carotene, Alpha linolenic acid as well as minor elements.
* Acknowledged as the best health food for 21st century.
* Regulates normal body function, promotes body metabolism and strengthens body immunity.
* Improves general health, relieves fatigue, strengthens the spleen, removes phlegm and regulates the blood fat level.
* Effective in improving body resistance against radiation.
* Rich in nutrients and can be consumed easily.