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Tiens Vigor Rousing Capsules


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Tiens Vigor Rousing Capsules

Tianshi Vigor Rousing Capsule is derived from grape plants by using a high-tech bioengineering process. The naturally occurring substances Resveratrol and Oligosacharide are known to be excellent free radical scavenger antioxidants that usually are found in red wine.

Tianshi Vigor Rousing capsule also include an ingredients called polyphenols which is only found in plants and are abundant in grapes.

The “French Paradox”

Many of us are familiar with the “French Paradox”. This refers to the surprise of dietitians and scientists when confronted with the fact that, although the French in many cases eat diets  which are extremely high in fat, the rate of heart disease and cancer does not reflect this excess. Many scientists have now come to believe that the flavonoids (of which Proanthocyanidins are one) in red wine provide the antioxidants which give this unexpected protection.

Dr. John Folts M.D., at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, has been focusing on the connection between grapes and heart disease. His research has suggested that grapes may have a more protective anti-clotting effect than aspirin – the figures showed that aspirin and red wine both had anti-clotting activity of 45%, but then went on to show a whopping 75% effect from ordinary grape juice!


ü       It controls blood pressure and avoidance of blood clots, which affect blood flow in vessels. It relax the smooth muscles of these blood vessels.

ü       It can help our body resist bacteria and free radicals. It acts as antioxidants.

ü       It prevents inflammation, allergy, thrombus formation and oxidation.

ü       It reduces clumping of blood platelets, prevents coronary heart disease and high blood fat.

ü       It is also effective in preventing cancer, tumor and mutagenesis.

ü       It reduces the occurance of skin tumors.

ü       It reduces cardiovascular disease risk, lowered total cholesterol , and lowered LDL cholesterol.

ü       It could selectively target and destroy cancer cells.

ü       It is also important in reducing blood pressure and risk of clotting.

ü       It reduces precipitation on blood vessels

ü       It has the ability to battle cancer at all three steps of the cancer process: initiation, promotion, and progression.

ü       It protect us from heart disease.


Grape plant extract.


Take two (2) Capsules, three times daily.