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Tiens Weight Reducing Belt

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Tiens Weight Reducing Belt

tiens Weight Reducing Belt

The product has integrated mechanism, electronics, and biological technology into one organic combination.The product has 5 inner-type high-speed strong fat-smashing motors, 8 kinds of different fat-smashing modes will produce strong mechanical movement to the deep level fat layer through the product control system.

  • In order to keep you fit and slim
  • It is a healthcare product with microcomputer control system and has a set of intelligent control, air massage vibration, vibration massage, heat and magnetic therapy
  • It can adjust the body’s Yin-Yang balance and improve microcirculation
  • It has frequency vibration massage to accelerate blood circulation and eliminate fatigue
  • For acute and chronic lumbar muscle strain caused by back pain, indigestion, constipation and has the role of adjuvant therapy
  • Using strong permanent magnets and helps in increasing muscle tone and weight reduction, makes your skin more beautiful.


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