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Tiens Zinc Capsules

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Tiens Zinc Capsules


tiens zinc capsules
tiens zinc capsules

Zinc Capsules Contents: 60 capsules x 0.2 g

Zinc is found in over 80 types of body enzymes synthesis. We need zinc for our body development, genetic immunity, endocrine system, maintain our nerve mucous health.

Zinc is needed for activities of over 200 types of enzymes. Lack of zinc will cause imbalance in our body, this is why zinc is known as “flower of life”. Studies and researches done by scientists’ show the malformation is significantly related to lack of zinc intake. Therefore, during pregnancy we need zinc to ensure the fetus is well developed.

Zinc helps in the multiplication, development and growth of cells. Insufficient intake of zinc will slow down the development of children, and may cause small body frame. It is also significantly related to the intelligence development of the children,as well as to strengthen body immune system, maintaining and helps the development of eye sight.

Current study indicates that male infertility is related to lack of zinc. Zinc is significantly affecting the quality of the semen and sperm and also irritates the development of the sex glands. Researches show that human brain hippocampus is taking control of our nerves activities, language learning, memory and logical thinking. If the hippocampus’s zinc content is decreasing, then we face problems like loss of memory, movement disorders, thought disorder senile dementia.

Suitable for: Healthy growth, especially children, improve learning result and eye sight power etc.

Main Benefits
Zinc has been considered an essential element since the 15th century. It activates more than 100 different enzymes in the body, including visual and digestive enzymes. Studies show that zinc accounts for one-sixth of the brain. It is core to advanced thinking, important in learning language and storing information. Zinc deficiency may lead to memory loss, movement impediment and muddled thinking. It may cause early onset of dementia.

The amount of zinc added in Tiens Zinc supplement is in line with an individual’s recommended daily nutritional needs. Each capsule contains 0.8-1.2mg zinc.
Zinc can be derived from food, vegetable and meat, but the absorption rate depends on the person’s stomach acid concentration and other factors that may make absorption and utilisation difficult. This supplement is composed of lactic Zinc, which has a high rate of absorption, but not the pernicious effects of phytate and phytic acid. It is the ideal supplement and, we can confidently say, the best zinc for every adult. It also contains glucose and egg protein powder.

Essential for normal growth and development of reproductive organs.
It is useful in the maintenance of viscera organs in the body.
It helps eye health by converting Vitamin A to its biologically active form to fight foggy vision & short sightedness.
It combats infertility, low sperm count, impotence, hormonal imbalances and frigidity.
It helps libido by improving sex drive and preventing premature ejaculation.
It helps prevent cancers and stomach ulcers.

Who Zinc Capsules is suitable for?

Adults and children who have impaired sense of taste and smell.
Adults who are consuming excessive amounts of coffee, tannins found in tea, high fiber, vegetarian diets or alcohol.
Adults who are suffering stress disorders.
Adults with poor immune or reproductive health.
Men who want to maintain a healthy prostate and healthy sexual function.
Adults with a family history of age-realated.


Children aged 3-7 years, 1 x 1 capsule daily;
Children aged 7-10 years, 1 x 1-2 capsules daily;
Children between 10-14 years, 1-2 x daily 2 capsules per day;
Adults 1-3 x 2 capsules daily.

Zinc can be combined with Calcium to increase eyes eyesight and Male genital Libido power